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132 million young girls around the world are out of school [UNESCO]

1 in 3 women will experience violence in their lifetime, most likely by someone they know. [WHO]

Nine million young girls around the world today will not set foot into a classroom. [ACTION AID]


We visit girls and women in these local and rural communities, and listen.
We listen to their stories, and through their words we are able to help them communicate their experiences. We can give her a voice, and a platform to amplify that voice. We raise awareness for education, reproductive and financial rights, and share with full and appropriate consent herwords.

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Why it matters?

When women are able to complete their education, they can earn more over their lifetime, and they are less likely to enter child marriage. Education contributes to lower child mortality and maternal mortality rates, and a higher rate of growth in developing countries.
Women from the developing world are often deprived of the ability to go to school due to gender
disparity. This disparity in girls’ education comes from a threat to safety, as well lack of access to
sanitation and hygiene products.
This is especially true of those in rural communities which face rampant poverty. Poverty is the single biggest determining factor on whether a woman will have the resources to access and finish her
education. Just 39% of rural girls attend secondary school, far less than their male and urban
counterparts, contributing to gender inequality.
Poverty also causes these girls to experience much higher levels of violence, poor nutrition, and
outdated infrastructure. Women lack the ability to control their own destinies or make decisions for
themselves, and can never learn the skills necessary to break the cycle.

An un-educated girl child doesn’t know about sexual and reproductive rights, that on its own is a killer, it’s a violator of the rights to life and integrity".

Dr Azubike Onuora-Oguno- Expert in human and minority rights.

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