Education Marriage Women


MAASIA COMMUNITIES AND THE HORRIFIC TRADITIONS Maasai communities and African countries in general, are not only persistent with their commitments to religion and rituals, but they also believe they are coherent in their believes, rituals, customs, and traditions. According to Survey, Africa amongst the highest continent which upholds strong believes in customs and traditions. They […]

Education Marriage Women

Being a Single Parent and Receiving an Education In Tanzania- Sub-Saharan Africa

Being a Single Parent and Getting Education It is very likely that you have heard of the effects of single parenting especially in developing countries. It is possible that someone you know, is a single parent and is bringing up their child alone. Raising a child alone without sufficient assistance, can be difficult for many. […]

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The Key issue facing the Girl child in Nigeria today

Currently, the biggest threat to girl’s education in Nigeria is the lack of security. There are numerous cases of kidnappings in Nigeria, particularly in the North where criminal gangs take advantage of the poor security situation and abduct girls.  I caught up with Dr. Azubuike Onuora-Oguno, an expert in Human and Minority Rights. Azubike described […]