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Tanzania is a country famous for its increasing height of poverty. A country where only 7% of students reach the level of international literacy . More than 70% of children (age 14-17) cannot attend secondary education. Nearly 3 out of 10 girls and 1 out of 7 boys experienced violence and brutality before the age of 18. Common abuses are also the part of this country.

Here is the story of a Tanzanian girl Pendo from the Chakuwama orphanage center, Tanzania. The center has lovely kids, and caretakers taking care of children who faced different kinds of miseries in their lives. Most of them are girls.

We interviewed one of the caregivers and she told us in detail about the challenges they faced. She said, most of the children there are girls. Girls are the ones most likely to face discriminated by their relatives as orphans.

She said:

“I remember in 2019 when we received a report of a girl named Pendo, who had lost her mother. Her father wanted her to be married forcibly. Our center contacted the girl and that is how they managed to bring her here”


So far we are reporting this news, the Centre is taking good care of her and supporting her. She is receiving her secondary education in one of the schools in Tanzania. We also came to know that orphaned girls are the most vulnerable to abuse. Many are forced to be married, circumcised, and are forced to perform domestic works.

Tanzanian government should take responsibility to protect girls and women by establishing laws to eradicate inequality.

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