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Being a Single Parent and Receiving an Education In Tanzania- Sub-Saharan Africa

Being a Single Parent and Getting Education

It is very likely that you have heard of the effects of single parenting especially in developing countries. It is possible that someone you know, is a single parent and is bringing up their child alone. Raising a child alone without sufficient assistance, can be difficult for many. A lot of women, particularly from poor countries do not continue their education as a result, due to many difficulties they are likely to face. However, some are able to. Here we share the story of a single mother Victoria, who was able to raise her child whilst pursuing her education, amidst obstacles.

The life of Single Mothers In Tanzania

Story of Victoria

Victoria is a 25 years old university graduate, and she lives in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. She is not only a graduate, but a single mother, in a poor country. Her story is incredibly motivating, as she navigates through life whilst raising her child alone. She faced a lot of problems due to her situation, but never gave-up.

A Child Needs A Mother

Victoria found it incredibly difficult leaving her child at home with friends whilst studying, describing feelings of ‘sadness and worry’. Victoria also stated that sometimes she had ‘left the house crying’. This is because she had to leave her child early in the morning, at the time when every child needs a ‘morning hug’.

No doubt it was not easy for her and many mothers in her situation to bring up a child as a single parent, and she felt immense ‘guilt’ for it. Her situation was unique for a woman in Tanzania, as usually most women would drop out of school to care for children.

Victoria’s Husband

Victoria’s husband was not with her, as he lived far away. He was working with an organization, and he rarely had time to spend with his wife and their son. Hence, placing immense pressure on Victoria who did all home chores, and catered for all her child’s needs alone.

Single Parents in Tanzania

There are many single parents in Tanzania. This primarily is due to fathers who either completely abandon their wives, or travel far away for jobs, whilst mother bear the grunt of everything else, as they are not encouraged to pursue an education. In Victoria’s case, she and her husband earn very little, and work incredibly hard switching between jobs, just to feed the family.

It is obvious that being a single mother is especially difficult including for women in developing countries like Tanzania, who find it difficult to bring up a child in parts of the world where they cannot afford child care facilities. This forces mothers in developing countries to live from ‘hand to mouth‘.

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